Production Crew

This are the people who make the show happen. They don’t do it alone, just saying…kinda feel like I backed myself into a corner with this…


Jon Grilz- Creator, Lead Narrator

He’s shy.


Steve Blizin - Producer

Steve's passion for producing audio began at an early age. A week after Marconi send his first radio transmission, Steve applied for an FCC broadcast license and got a job in radio. He has been involved in the art of noise making ever since. He has produced morning news/talk radio shows, Deejayed for Rock, Oldies and Country stations and worked as a dialogue editor for a company publishing audio books about tax law. Yeesh! You could say that Steve cut his teeth editing by cutting actual tape. Later he founded an audio production company focused on On Hold Marketing mostly as an excuse to inflict horrible music on captive callers. He has since shifted his focus to post-production work, doing sound design, producing podcasts and narrating and producing audiobooks.

Twitter: @RealSteveBlizin





Our Narrators


Victoria Juan

Victoria Juan is a Midwest voice actor that mostly deals with horror and sci-fi audio productions. Besides the Creepy podcast, she has worked with shows such as The Grey Rooms and Copperheart, and is a Co-Creator and voice actor for the podcast Calling Darkness.


Molly Lankford

Molly Lankford began her journey into storytelling while earning her physics degree at The University of North Carolina Wilmington. While attending, she performed in many local musical theater productions. From having worked primarily in scientific fields, Molly has recently made a shift to work as a full time voice actress. Her hobbies include composing music, sewing costumes, and watching horror movies.


Danielle Hewitt

Bio Coming Soon

Cynthia Reinhardt

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Heather Thomas

Heather Thomas is a jewelry expert by day and aspiring horror writer and voice actor by night. In her formative years she was classically trained in opera, but now just mostly sings karaoke. She is wildly enthusiastic about all things horror, and often can be found scouring through antique shops to add to her macabre collections.

Heather has narrated various horror tales for Chilling Tales for Dark Nights, Pseudopod, The Wicked Library and the Tales to Terrify podcast. She lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband and her 2 spoiled rotten cats.




Stories: Seventeen, Two Possibilities, Static

Collins Van Gorden

Bio Coming Soon


Alicia Atkins

Alicia Atkins is 25 and hails from Alabama. She grew up listening to and playing music and participating in community theater. Voice acting has been a fun new experience for her. She's also the voice of Capy on the Beacon, Director Roda on Copperheart, and a Co-Host on The Red Light Library. She's been in "Whispers" and does Patreon episodes.

Owen McCuen

Bio Coming Soon


Rob Weeks

Rob Weeks is a long time podcaster, part time voice actor, full time chicken rancher, and overtime dad of 4. He has voiced characters and done narration for Creepy, Small Town Horror, Shadowvane, and other podcasts and audiobooks. Casting inquiries can be sent to


Adam Days

Adam Days is a music producer and occasional actor from San Jose, California. When he is not pretending to be somebody else, you can find him working as an Entomologist to pay the bills, or leading his band, God Analog.

You can find Adam on Instagram - @godanalog

Mayhem Mountain as "Scott"

The Devil's Toolbox as "Jason"